We love when customers come in to see us asking about certain features or wondering how different technologies work. It shows they have done their research and they’re trying to make an educated decision. Another thing we’re fond of? When people come in for a test drive.

No matter what type of new Dodge vehicles you are looking at, we can’t stress enough how important it is to see it behind the wheel. When you drive a new vehicle, there’s always a learning curve. But, you may notice things you just can’t get used to during a test drive. Maybe the vehicle doesn’t have the power you need. Or perhaps there just isn’t the space you envisioned. Are the technology features as user-friendly as you thought they’d be? These are all things that you’ll only be able to determine if you get behind the wheel and see for yourself.

Also, we want all of our customers to check out all the amazing new safety features vehicles have to offer. You may not realize how much you need blind spot monitoring until you use it. Or, how badly you want a backup camera until you drive without one. That’s why we encourage trying different models; sometimes you just don’t know what you’ve got until you don’t.

Fairfield County drivers should come to Pamby Motors at 665 Danbury Road in Ridgefield, CT to test drive every vehicle they fancy. We can’t wait to get out on the road with you!